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The advantages of Roomba 780

The advantages of Roomba 780
The advantages of Roomba 780

Product Added : November 23rd, 2012
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Based on roomba 780 review, Roomba 780 is the recent flagship product of robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot. Vacuum robot 780 is the fourth generation of the 700 series. There are three generation robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot. The latest generation is always updated with new system of cleaning and features. Vacuum robot 780 with vacuum robot 770 has some similarities. The appearance of both of them is almost identical the color of 770 borders is medium grey. In the other hand, the 780 color is dark grey. The dimension and weight is same exactly. The 780 has three steps cleaning mechanism. The assembly of the cleaning device is named as the Cleaning Head Module. The 780 is more sophisticated than other series.

Then 780 use the newest Air Filters system. It is called Dual HEPA. This filters system can capture dust that have small size. It can capture 0.3 micron dust. Because of it, the 780 can creat fresher air because dust particle would bu captured. Besides as vacuum cleaner, it also can be unit of air purifier. Also the 780 can do various task such as cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. The sensors are more sensitive and responsive. The 780 can prevent from falling down from the edge of floor or stairs. Also it can change its direction when it bumps wall. By using acoustic sensors and infrared, the 780 can smartly detect dirty spots by calculating the presence and the density. Also for bin system it is embedded with AeroVac. The vacuuming power is powerful so that any debris that is captured would be forced directly to the bin.

The navigation can be set according to virtual wall or lighthouse. You can choose according your necessities. Also to ease device setting, the control panel in installed with touchpad so that you can operate it easily with your fingertips.

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