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Roomba 770 vs Roomba 780

Roomba 770 vs Roomba 780
Roomba 770 vs Roomba 780

Product Added : November 23rd, 2012
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IRobot is famous robot manufacturer especially for robot vacuum cleaners. The latest robot vacuum cleaner is autonomous robotic. It means that it can fully operate by itself. It has vacuum cleaning system that has been programmed before. When robot vacuum cleaner is vacuuming, it can navigate on common living space and can avoid common obstacle. To optimize the automatic cleaning ability, new models of robot vacuum cleaner have been released. The latest robot vacuum cleaner models of iRobot are smarter to cleaning and vacuuming.

The robot vacuum cleaner of iRobot is called Roomba. Since 2002, iRobot have launched 4 generation of Roomba. The latest model series are 760, 770, and 780. 760 of model have the lowest feature but it is the cheapest one. Then model 780 is the latest model that has new feature and most effective but it is the most expensive. In the other hand, 770 is the mid class with average price. However, the entire models of 7xx have same similarity. As the fourth generation, new features are embedded into 7xx models such as new bumper material that is softer, HEA filters, updated cleaning system, new design, and battery management that is improved. However each series has its own updates and features.

Series model 770 control panel is still using button. In the other hand 780 model series already use touchpad that is capacitive touch screen as the control panel. You can gain full control by using your fingertips only. Then the last different between 770 and 780 is the room confinement. 770 series use virtual wall to assist it cleaning works. Then 780 are already compatible with virtual wall lighthouse. The navigation system of lighthouse is more effective. It can assist the robovac to clean more room deliberately. In the other hand, virtual wall only help the robovac as the parameter on certain room only. 780 can use virtual wall and lighthouse but 770 only use virtual wall.

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