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Basic Instructions of Roomba 780

Basic Instructions of Roomba 780
Basic Instructions of Roomba 780

Product Added : November 23rd, 2012
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IRobot the most leading robot manufacturer has been producing robot vacuum cleaner since 2002. Their product of robot vacuum cleaner is called Roomba. More about roomba just click roomba 780 review. Yes, robot vacuum cleaner is automatic vacuum cleaner that can operate by it because it has cleaning system. For 10 years, iRobot has been creating four generation of Roomba. Several updates are added to new models for negotiating obstacle and optimizing cleaning. Since 2002, iRobot claimed that more that 6 million units of Roomba have been used by people around the world. IRobot successes of selling Roomba to the public because Roomba cleaning system is easily integrated with open interface so that it is easy to use.

Most of all Roomba model has been embedded with various basic sensors. It can prevent itself from falling down from stairs. It can change its directions when there is an obstacle such as wall. Moreover, it can detect dirty area so that it will conduct cleaning on the spot. Let Roomba 780 series do the dirty job for you. It has 3 stages cleaning during its operational. It can vacuum hardwood, linoleum, and carpet. It can adjust the different surface of floor automatically.

There are three main features that are included on Roomba 780. It can clean various kind of smudge such as dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair and more. So for pet owner, you don’t need to clean your pet hair anymore. For the bin system, it uses Series 2 of AeroVac. The vacuum power is powerful so that all kinds of debris would be forced to the bin. It also can optimize the clog resistant and air collection so that vacuuming process more effective. Last it uses Air Filters of Dual HEPA. It can capture thin dust up to 0.3 microns so that the circulation will be free from bad particle. The control panel interface is easy to be operating. It also touch screen captive so that you can use your fingertips.

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