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Neato XV 12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System

Neato XV 12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System
Neato XV 12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System

Product Added : November 8th, 2012
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Cleaning time, for the most people this time is an annoying time. If the home is not too big, maybe this is not a big problem. But the problem appears when the size to cover is so big. Clean it manually course will be so tiring. Luckily, robotic technology including neato xv 12 appears and makes this job looks not too annoying. Even with this technology people can clean their home easier without any difficulties.

In this time there are so many robotic technology. But if you are looking for the good one, neato xv 12 is the good one. With the great features and the better technology, this device appears to help people. In this device there are so many interesting features that designed to make the cleaning time looks easier. RPS Laser Mapping System, this feature allows this device to make a map of everything that available around this device. Furniture and object can be detected by this feature. Even it can map the room and analyze it to find the doorways. With this feature, this device know about how to work and clean the room. In vacuuming the dirt or dust, this device use the straight line pattern. It helps neato xv 12 to clean the room thoroughly even efficiently. With RPS Laser Mapping System, you do not need to worry about this device. It knows the place to clean and not to clean. Even it can clean the room without bumping the furniture, wall and avoid the stairs. It can update the map continuously too. With this feature, this cleaner can move to the other room and clean it too.

To give the good cleaning performance, neato xv 12 is equipped with high performance vacuum. With this technology, remove dirt, debris even pet hair can be done easily. Even it can also clean the carpet, rug, tile, hardwood floor, linoleum and stone.

Neato xv 12 Details

neato xv 12Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 3 inches ; 9 pounds
Shipping Weight: 17 pounds
Item model number: XV-12
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (53 customer reviews)

Neato xv 12 Customer Reviews

Based on the review, Neato White XV-12 looks good enough. Even it has the good reputation in cleaning a room. The most people satisfy with the suction power of this vacuum cleaner. It looks strong enough. Pick up any hair from carpet can be done well by this device too. It knows the right place to clean and knows the base when the job finished. This device looks smart enough. This is why you will never find this device lose in a home.

To finish 1800 square feet home, it just needs a single charge. It can detect the stairs too. So it can protect itself from falling. Beside that, it also has the vacuuming line. It makes this device clean the room methodic, not randomly. Before you run this cleaner, it is recommended to read the instruction manual. It will help you to operate it and to optimize the work of this device. Beside that, it also prevent you from making mistake that may damage the product. So if you want to use it, you need to learn this device and learn about how to operate it.

Actually this device created for people who want to clean their home periodically. With this device, clean a home periodically will never be so difficult. Even you can keep your home to stay clean without spending so much time or energy. All you need is just run this device and it will help you to clean the home. Based on the other review, this device is worth every penny. This is why there is no one who regret their decision to buy this cleaner. If you need a smart cleaner with the nice price, this neato xv 12 Robotic Vacuum System can be the right choice. So this is your time to prove it.

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