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Mint Plus 5200 Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

Mint Plus 5200 Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner
Mint Plus 5200 Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

Product Added : November 2nd, 2011
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Talking about vacuum cleaner, Mint Plus 5200 is a fantastic product that you should consider to choose. Nowadays people can easily use the robotic vacuum cleaner which will be able to be the very effective way to do the cleaning. There are so many products we can find nowadays and one of the most recommended is the Mint Plus 5200 for hard floor. This one only weighs around 8.8 pounds with the 8.5 x 9.6 x3.1 inches of dimension. It can be used in simple way and it has Pro-Clean System in it. The compact size is the very good part of this cleaner because it can reach the place that is hard to reach by the regular vacuum cleaner such as under the furniture. The square shape can maximize the cleaning into the corners. It has the ability to clean up the dust, dirt, and also pet hair. It has two jobs and you can choose whether you want it to mop or to sweep. By using the pre-moistened and dry cleaning clothes, it will do the job properly.

Mint Plus 5200 uses the NorthStar Navigation System 2.0 which will be able to keep the Mint Plus 5200 on track so it will not miss any spot to be cleaned. It has effective cleaning cycle and when it is finished, it will be back to the place where it started. It also has smart sensors which will help this Mint cleaner to avoid the too low area, rugs, carpet, and from falling down stairs. This Mint cleaner will last up to four hours of dry sweeping and for the wet mopping it will be about 2.5 hours. After that we can just recharge the battery only for 2 hours by using the Mint Plus Turbo Charge Cradle. So, Mint Plus 5200 will run longer with the short time of charging. It’s pretty friendly too with the smooth voice and it is easy to maintain. We do not need to empty the bin or the filters because it didn’t use them. Inside the package of this Mint product we can simply find the Mint Plus itself. Then we can find the Pro Clean Reservoir Pad and also the cleaning pad. The NorthStar Navigation cube is also available with its two batteries.  Mint Plus 5200 also has two wet mopping and two dry sweeping microfiber cloths. The power adapter is also included with the quick start guide and also a year warranty. This simple cleaner will be really helpful for those who do not have time to clean the floor because of so many works to do in the house.

Mint Plus 5200 Details

mint plus 5200

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.6 x 3.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 8.8 pounds
Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
Item model number: 5200
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  (81 customer reviews)

Mint Plus 5200 customer reviews

Well, I actually purchased one after I checked so many good reviews about this Mint Plus 5200. I decided to give it a try because my vacuum cleaner is not really good enough in reaching the low area such as under furniture. After I read all of the start guide then I simply charged it and then I turn it on to start. It’s the living room I chose to be the best place to try. Well, it worked very well and it didn’t miss a spot. I use the Mint 5200 to clean the hardwood floor in a 22’x22′ living/dining area and for a separate 9’x15′ kitchen. It does an excellent job despite a large number of obstacles like area rugs, cabinets, dining table, side tables etc. It sometime looks like it will get stuck in some narrow weirdly shaped corner, but it always finds it way out and does not seem to skip anything. It didn’t come to the rug area and all the corners are well cleaned. It also happened to the under furniture and it was actually fantastic. The dry sweeping is good but the wet mopping is pretty impressive. For the larger dirt such as breadcrumbs, it will take time actually but I am fine with it. I simply overcame it by taking all of the larger dirt before I used the Mint cleaner. Problem solved and it helped me a lot to keep the rooms clean and pretty lovely. It’s a really wonderful cleaner that ease the people in the house with the cleaning. The Mint 5200 comes with two different cleaning pads, one for dry sweeping and one that has liquid reservoir for wet mopping. A set of two reusable clothes to be used with each pad is also provided. I always use the dry sweep mode first and then do wet afterwards.

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